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Dear Pastors and Bible Teachers,


One of the most ignored books of the Bible, when it comes to preaching and teaching, is the book of Psalms. It is a mystery to me as to why, as this collection of poetry, inspired by God, has some of the most profound passages in all of the Bible.


Charles Spurgeon, known as "the Prince of Preachers," understood this and dedicated 15 years of his life to complete this incredible collection. It was originally published in installments, until finally made available in a seven volume set.


The Treasury of David is the most exhaustive commentary on the book of Psalms available, written by C. H. Spurgeon and commonly regarded as his magnum opus. It includes:


  • Bible commentary on every verse in every chapter of Psalms.

  • Spurgeon's expository comments to help the reader in his understanding of Scripture.

  • Frequent "Explanatory notes and quaint sayings" offer helpful insights from many different Bible teachers throughout history on each Psalm.

  • "Hints to the village preacher" aid in preparing Bible studies and sermons.

  • Searchable database which allows you to perform keyword studies throughout the book of Psalms


I had the distinct pleasure of assessing the "Treasury of David" software - A Classic Study from the Psalms by Charles Spurgeon, and found it to be an excellent tool! It is complete and comprehensive - replete with study aids and many other features which will help pastors and other serious students of the Word. From the detailed verse by verse exposition to the preaching hints and tips, it is a true treasure chest of great gems for those who seek a deep drink from the refreshing waters of the Psalms. Additional features such as subject search and interaction with word processing programs are responsive and very helpful for sermon preparation as well. A great deal to get an electronic version of Spurgeon's study of the Psalms. Top marks for this program!!!

Pastor Bradley S. Pass

Island Gospel Tabernacle

Cape Sable Island

Nova Scotia


I have just completed a review of the “Treasury of David” and all I can say is Wow.  I was blown away by the content  and the expository nature of the material.  I am in the middle of preaching a series on Psalm 23 and when I saw the amount of in-depth explanation on just one of the verses I knew this was a resource that I had to own.  This is a must buy for every teacher and preacher who wants complete research on the book of Psalms.  Thanks for offering a great resource at a great price.

Pastor Bill Williamson

Grace Bible Fellowship

Jackson, TN


Barry - I am glad to say I have received the download and am encouraged by the helpfulness of this Treasury of David material. I like the ease of finding each Psalm and the verses specifically. It is brief enough, yet detailed enough to be helpful. But -- many know of the Spurgeon material -- the program is structured so clearly and plainly, that the ease of use and the simplicity and quickness make study in the Psalms almost effortless. 

Verner Ulrich


Battle Axe Church

Greenville, TX


We are now making this classic work on the Psalms available as a simple software program that you can download and run on any Windows-based computer. Check out the video below to see what this software can do.


(Actual software is larger than what you see in the video)


I'm sure you can see the value in this incredible, but simple, software program. You can use this for:

  • Personal Devotional Study

  • Preparation of Bible lessons and/or Sermons

  • Printing out and sharing insights with friends

  • Publishing a Psalms study guide for small groups

  • etc...etc...etc...

Okay, so what is this going to cost? The print version of these volumes run from $30.00 up to $120.00. But we are only charging $9.95 for this dynamic software because we want to make this affordable for everyone.


Please order now, before we need to raise the price. We are not going to be able to keep it this low forever. Download immediately after order!


Microsoft Windows Only

Note: After payment is made you will see a box that says "IMPORTANT: Click

Here to Download Your Product" Make sure and click for instant download.



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